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Find here a wide range of cleaning mops and floor accessories in various materials such as cotton, microfiber, and different kinds of floor cleaning mops. It is suitable for use at home or at the workplace. We stock a huge range of cleaning products and we are one of the largest online wholesalers, importers, and sole distributors of Gleamax cleaning products in the UK. We supply to cash and carries, catering supply wholesalers, disposable wholesalers, wholesalers, shopkeepers, restaurants, party planners, cafes, market traders, online sellers, traders, newsagents, retailers & more.

SKU68/013 Carton Qty24 Pallet Qty24
This super absorbent microfibre floor mop has a super absorbent microfibre head designed  to attract dust and dirt, with a swivel head and telescopic handle for all those hard to reach places...
Single Price: £2.00 Carton Price: £48.00
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Cotton Mop 1pc/24 Cotton Mop 1pc/24
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SKU68/009 Carton Qty24 Pallet Qty28
Good quality all round mop. Excellent value for money. Suitible for use at home or in workplace...
Single Price: £1.50 Carton Price: £36.00
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