Brooms & Brushes:

Gleamax is one of the largest importers of household cleaning brushes in the UK. Being one of the leading online wholesalers, importers, and sole distributors of Gleamax cleaning products in the UK, it stocks a huge range of cleaning products.

Brushes sold here are designed to be light weight and soft grip for easy cleaning. Find here kitchen sink brushes, dishwashing brushes, bottle cleaning brushes, etc. Along with this, Gleamax has a massive range of dustpans & brushes which are high quality to ensure a durable product. Find here the dustpan and long dustpan brush set. Gleamax toilet brushes are compact and portable and look good & fit in any household toilets or workplace toilets, making cleaning and more durability. Find here, toilet brushes, toilet brushes with holders, Eco-friendly brushes, etc.

Gleamax is really quick on delivering the products. Orders are dispatched from our warehouse in 1-2 working days. It supplies to cash and carries, catering supply wholesalers, disposable wholesalers, wholesalers, shopkeepers, restaurants, party planners, cafes, market traders, online sellers, traders, newsagents, retailers & more. It also offers great discount offers on janitorial tools and varieties of housekeeping materials.

Located in Dunstable, Gleamax offers best range of cleaning products and cleaning tools. You can visit Gleamax store anytime between 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday.